Hullo, I'm Graham or Geebs. Twenty-something English chap with a penchant for photography, clay-pigeon shooting and gaming. Currently a Psychology student. I'm recovering from CFS/ME & I'm forever trying to vanquish my ignorance.

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” - Albert Einstein

World Of Warcraft. Starcraft II. Diablo 3. Mass Effect. Hitman. Splinter Cell. Forza Motorsport.

Castle. White Collar. QI. Sherlock. Elementary. Arrow. Firefly. Top Gear. Hawaii Five-0. NCIS: Los Angeles. Suits. Bones.

Shooting. Photography. Science. Nature. Physics. Space. Music. Wildlife. Zen. Dogs. Horses. Big cats. Birds of prey.
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It is?! One of us is doing it wrong. #meditation #sex #zen

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