That's Not A Badger!

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” - Albert Einstein

Health Update: Where my ATP at, yo!

Just had my nutrition appointment to go over my mitochondrial function tests and see where to go from here.

The tests show that, since last year, my cells are not dying off quicker than they’re being replaced so I have more cells doing work (yay!) but they’re still not working particularly well (boo!).

What this means is that I have the energy to do a little more but I need to be careful about how I use that energy because it gets used up very quickly. My aim now is to be more efficient with my energy usage - to use my energy on doing things, physical things rather than mental things. This probably means more active stuff and less gaming, which is probably a good thing but…my babies!

It’s been suggested that I aim to ‘get out’ maybe 3 times a week and I would like to find something or somewhere to go so that my outings are more than just ‘getting out’. If I drank coffee it would be nice to go to a coffee shop and sit for a while, for example (I get that coffee shops sell more than coffee but I only really drink water and that has my electrolytes in so yeah).

I’m wanting to get back into having my epsom salt baths, yoga and walking but not on the same day. I don’t want to get into any sort of routine as routines can cause stress, which needs to be avoided, but choosing whether to do yoga or walking would be nice with an epsom salt bath in the evening before bed.

So all in all, exciting news and it’s nice that I’ve got a little more energy, I just need to use it wisely. 

This has been an update.

Wooot! #warcraft #wow #warlords

Trying to get to rank 20 on my #EU #hearthstone account and just had a great draw against this Jaina deck. I got 2 draws of Unleash The Hounds so that Hyena is uber buffed. With the taunt on the board s/he conceded after the first hit from the Hyena.

I decided to stream ( my attempts at remembering the #kanrethad fight for #warlock #greenfire only to do it on the first go. It probably wasn’t a particularly interesting stream 😆 but yay I have green fire…again. #warcraft #worldofwarcraft #horde #undead #forsaken #gamer #gaming #forthehorde

Our tank went afk so what does this random flex group do while we wait? Sing-a-long of course! #warcraft

It was observed that when a #gnome sets up a Pandaren Treasure Noodle Cart, they stand on books in order to cook. #warcraft

I’ve just noticed the name of the nerdy guy in the Maoam advert 😆